Engineering Industrial Systems

CADEIS—Engineering Industrial Systems

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  • Design of cutting machine tools
  • Expansion of the range of product types existing
  • Development of a new generation of a machine series
  • Addition of a new size in a machine series
  • Enlargement of the scope of functionalities
  • Optimization of the relation of cost to performance
  • Development of concepts
  • Project management
  • Complete machine design
  • Main focus in milling machines
  • Particular background in portal machine types
  • Special know how in optimization of structures with FE
  • Specialty drives and milling heads


  • More than 13 years experience in many projects
  • Projects with leading manufacturers
  • Innovative concepts and solutions
  • Technically well performing machines
  • Examples of machines best in class in performance/cost
  • Many Machines designed successful in the marketplace
  • Focus on quality