Engineering Industrial Systems

CADEIS—Engineering Industrial Systems

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Adjustment Stations

  • Precise adjustment of many different workpieces

Assembly Workstations

  • Screwdriving stations for differential gears
  • Stations for the assembly of cylinder heads
  • Assembly stations for gaskets, retaining rings and drive components in transmission systems
  • Assembly stations for printed circuit boards and springs in electric products

Machining Units

  • Milling and boring stations for engine blocks and crankshafts
  • Welding unit for fine sheet metal components
  • Glueing unit for housing connection components
  • Laser welding units for ignition plugs

Measuring Stations

  • Measuring stations for roller bearing rings, geometries of turbine blades
  • Testing unit for operational check of button switches
  • Counters for electric cables
  • Temperature measuring unit for the manufacturing process of electronic components