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What Does CADEIS Understand by Quality Policy?

On the top level, CADEIS GmbH is defined by its vision, mission, and values as well as its fundamental principles. The quality policy concerns all activities planned and carried out to constantly adapt the real characteristics of CADEIS to the image described in those documents. It describes values, aims, and properties of all quality-oriented activities.

Driving force of the process to achieve very high quality standards is on the top level the commitment and determination of the company management to define and reach ambitious goals. The responsibility of the management is detailed in a specific document which has contractual significance.

A lot of important details are included in the quality management system which is used as a guideline and has furthermore contractual elements, too. This system is a tool. It serves to achieve the goals, but it does not ensure they are met. High quality can only be achieved by the right state of mind and the proper behaviour of all persons involved.