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CADEIS—Engineering Industrial Systems

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CADEIS is specialized on consulting concerning the development of milling machines.

A special strength is the design of innovative machine concepts and of complete machines.

This is founded on the optimization of structural components with FE methods, which has been acquired in more than 10 years of intensive work in this field.

From this knowledge slides and machine structures are derived with favourable proportions to achieve high structural rigidity and good dynamic properties of the competed machine.

A second basis is formed by a programm for the configuration of drive trains to obtain good dynamic properties for the work process aimed at.

Structure parts, drives and guide systems are combined to a well balanced complete machine using the background experience of many FE analyses of dynamic machine properties.

A forth basis relies on the experience in the design of main drives and milling heads. Many heads with motor spindles have been designed, too.

CADEIS offers the complete machine design work including drawings and integration of the results in the customer system.

The focus is on the quality of the work done.

This is proved by the good performance of many machines and assemblies built.