Engineering Industrial Systems

CADEIS—Engineering Industrial Systems

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In order to secure proper motion between two components we care about a lot of relevant characteristics.


  • Bearings and guides with rolling elements, slide bearings, hydrostatic or hydrodynamic bearings


  • Speed, revolution, damping, precision, heat capacity, load angle, load capacity

Bearing Configurations

  • Thermal neutral bearing clearance, fixed and floating bearing combination, O-configuration, X-configuration, proper guiding rate

Calculation of Bearing Life Time

  • RPM factor, dynamic characteristics, load type, nominal and effective lifetime, dynamic or static stresses, minimum load


  • Grease, oil, oil/air lubrication, life-time lubrication, lubricating intervals, height of lubricating film, oil saving lubrication

Interface Configuration

  • Fitting tolerances, surface roughness, bevelling and relief grooves, shape and positional tolerances