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Complex Machine Peripheric Sets

Milling Heads

  • Rigid milling heads for high power transmission,
  • optional with an additional gearbox, in straight or angled configuration
  • Swiveling, angle or fork design milling heads,
  • tilted stepless or by serration with defined steps for high power transmission

C-axis Configurations

  • Rotating or tilting for an optimal flexibility of the milling heads
  • Backlash-free drive with torque and servo-motors backlash due to gear box with predefined tension
  • Partly with hydraulic clamping
  • Application of the serration for high power transmission and discrete tilting in angle-steps from 1° to 2,5°
  • Rotary bushings with up to 16 ducts for various mediums

Main Spindles with Drives

  • High speed motor spindles
  • High dynamic motor spindles with switchable gear boxes
  • Telescopic boring spindles, oscillating grinding spindles

Rotating Table Units

  • Backlash-free drive with torque or servo motor and prestressed gears, partly with hydraulic clamping
  • Roller or hydrostatic bearings,
  • in combination with a linear axis, too